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HIPAA Compliant calendar invitations

What are HIPAA Compliant calendar invitations?

Paubox Email Suite allows customers send HIPAA compliant calendar invitations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Microsoft Exchange.

How HIPAA Compliant calendar invitations work

By setting your outbound gateway (Google Workspace) or connector (Microsoft 365) to route traffic to Paubox, all of your traffic will be encrypted automatically.

How to set up HIPAA Compliant calendar invitations

Step 1: Create a calendar event.

  • You can include PHI directly in the invitation.
  • Confirm you have a BAA in place with your Email Service Provider (Microsoft365 and Google's BAA covers their calendar application).

Step 2: Send the invitation to your guest.

  • The calendar invitation will be automatically routed through the Paubox service for encryption.
  • Paubox's secure footer confirms to your guest that the calendar invitation was encrypted and delivered securely.