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Inbound Security: ExecProtect

What is ExecProtect?

ExecProtect stops display name spoofing emails that impersonate employees or departments from your organization. Spoofing emails are placed into quarantine before they can reach a targeted victim within the organization, saving the organization from costly security attacks.


How ExecProtect works

ExecProtect scans every inbound email display name for any of the protected names or name variations. If our system finds a match, then ExecProtect checks to see if the email address is an approved sending address. If the email address is an approved address, then ExecProtect allows the email in. If the email address isn't listed as an approved email address, then ExecProtect quarantines the email (even if there are other whitelist rules in place) and sends an alert to the ExecProtect Admin.


How to set up ExecProtect

Add a protected display name:

  1. Under Inbound Security, click on ExecProtect
  2. Click on Add Protected Display Name
  3. Enter the name that you'd like to protect
  4. Add any name variations or nicknames that person might go by (ex. Patricia goes by Trish)
  5. Add all approved email addresses (include work email addresses and personal email addresses)

Set up notifications

Receive email notifications when a display name spoofing attempt is caught by ExecProtect. You can set up this notification on the ExecProtect Notifications page under Inbound Security