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Inbound Security setup for Google Workspace


NOTE: Coordinate with the Paubox team for inbound security setup.

  • Paubox team will provide the appropriate mx value 
  • Mail relays must be set on the Paubox side or mail will not be delivered



What you’ll need:

  1. Trial subscription with Paubox (don't have one? sign up here!)
  2. A Google Workspace account (Business or Enterprise)
  3. Google Workspace: Admin access to your organization's Google Admin Console (admin.google.com)
  4. Domain: Admin access to your organization's domain host (for ex. GoDaddy or Cloudflare)
  5. The appropriate mx value for your domain - provided by Paubox during setup

Note: Make sure you can log into Google Admin Console & domain host as an admin before proceeding. If you don’t have login credentials or permissions, reach out to who set up your Google Workspace account and/or website.

What you’ll do:

  1. Google Workspace: Create an inbound gateway
  2. Domain: Update your domain's mx record

Questions? Stuck? We’re here for you!  support@paubox.com

Step-by-step guide

Part I: Google Workspace inbound gateway

Add an inbound gateway in Google Workspace to make sure inbound email will be routed to inboxes. 

  1. Go to your Google Admin Console (admin.google.com)                     
  2. Click the Apps icon (looks like patchwork)                                                   
  3. Click on the Google Workspace box (rectangular box with a number like 7 or 13 in it)
  4. Click on the Gmail icon (looks like an envelope or a red M)
  5. On the next screen (Gmail), scroll down and click Spam, phishing, and malware
  6. On the next screen (Spam, phishing, and malware), find the Inbound gateway section
  7. Hover over Inbound gateway and click the Configure button on the right
  8. (optional) Name field: enter Paubox
  9. Gateway IPs: Click ADD and enter this IP range, and Save:
  10. Click Save 
  11. Uncheck the boxes Automatically detect..., and Reject all mail not from gateway IP's
  12. Check the box for Require TLS for connections from the email gateways listed above
  13. Click ADD SETTING.
  14. Click the SAVE button at the bottom right corner of the screen

Part II: Domain update - MX record

Google Workspace asks you to setup your MX record like this:

MX 10 aspmx.l.google.com.

... and will likely have 5 mx records in total. To get Paubox inbound security going, you’ll need to change your MX record so that it has just one MX record. Change the record with the lowest priority number (usually "10") to the Paubox value: 

<appropriate mx value supplied by Paubox Team during setup>


Save; then delete any extra mx records (usually 4 other mx records for "google.")


This update will start routing all inbound email for your domain to Paubox when the DNS record change finishes propagating.