Paubox Storage: Overview

Paubox Storage is a feature that allows for HIPAA-compliant storage and sharing of files and folders. 

 If you have an account with Paubox, access Storage: 

  • Sign in: Sign in at the login page here
  • Click Storage: After signing in, click on Storage in the lefthand navigation panel

To get started, click New Folder and create a folder for your files. 


In Paubox Storage, you can:

Create folder(s) in your storage account by clicking New Folder. 

Upload files to a folder by clicking on the folder to open it, and then clicking Upload. 

Share a specific file by clicking the URL button next to a filename to generate a link, then copy the link and send to the person to share. 

Share a folder (and all its files) by opening a folder and clicking Share this Folder. Members of a folder will be able to access all files in that folder, and upload their own files if you permit.