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Using Google's data migration tool to import email from Paubox Webmail


If you are moving your email service from Paubox Webmail (hosted mail platform) to Google Workspace with Paubox, you can import your email using Google's data migration tool.

Step I: Purchase your Google Workspace account

The first step of migrating from Paubox Webmail to Google Workspace is to purchase your Google Workspace account. Plans are listed here. Paubox is compatible with all Business and Enterprise plans. 

Step II: Create your email account(s) in Google Workspace

After setting up your Google Workspace account, create all the email accounts for your organization. 

Step III: Route your Google Workspace email via Paubox for encryption & security

  • Set up your outbound email routing, here
  • Set up your inbound email routing, here
  • Reach out to Paubox Support with questions or verification: support@paubox.com

Step IV: Email migration from Paubox to Google Workspace

After your Google Workspace accounts and routing are created, you can migrate email from your Paubox Webmail email accounts to your Google Workspace email accounts.

  • Note: Full migration may take a day or more (on average, 30mins to migrate 100mb of email)
  • Pro tip: Start migration end-of-day Friday; begin using new Google email accounts Monday morning

Google's official instructions on migrating email are here.

A quick video walk through on YouTube is here.


Detailed steps on migrating your email:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin Console.

    Sign in using an administrator account.

  2. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Data migration.

    To see Data migration, you might have to click More controls at the bottom.

  3. Select the Email option and click Continue.
  4. On the Email Migration screen:
    • From the Migration source list, select I don't know/Other IMAP server.
    • From the Connection protocol list, select IMAP. Then in the section Enter IMAP Server Name (or Name: Port) type in m.paubox.com
    • For the section role account enter the information for your Paubox hosted email account (email address and password).
  5. Click Connect. The data migration service attempts to detect your Paubox hosted email account.
  6. In the Migration start date choose the date range that you would like to retrieve your emails for. In the Migration options section, choose the proper migration options or you can leave it as default.
  7. Click Select Users.
  8. For adding a Single User do the following:
    • Hover over Add and click Select user .
    • In the Migrate From field, enter the user's Paubox email address and password.
    • In the Migrate To field, enter the user's G Suite email address and select the user. 
    • Click Start.
    • (Optional) To migrate another user's email, repeat the steps. 
  9. For adding Multiple Users do the following:
    • Hover over Add and click Select multiple users .
    • Click Attach file to upload a CSV file containing the Paubox email addresses and passwords and the new G Suite email addresses. For details on how to format the file, see Use CSV files with the data migration service.
    • If there are errors in your file, choose an option:
      • To update the file, click Cancel, fix the file, and reload the updated file.
      • To ignore the incorrect mappings, check the Ignore errors box.